The Supra-Evocative Consciousness of Retrocausal Grace Bound Trace on No-Local Signal Portfolio in Hyperspace

Retro-Causal Tantra, Samij Datta, 2012

The Supra-Evocative Consciousness of Retrocausal Grace bound Trace on No-local Signal Portfolio in Hyperspace


A point illuminates as a bright spot

Its passage towards light is written on fragments of a dark star

Threads in a hole spin half, one-half and anti-spin on with negative values

Within the cosmos the chaos is not a separation of consciousness

Black swans are flying integrally into the sun

Existence itself can validate Sri Aurobindo and Jesus

Satprem is flying on the wheels of kal-kal-mahakalki-mahakal

Rome was not built in a day neither was Berlin or NY

It takes time to build the ship for the inner voyages of the self

Time is a constant irrational surd of Kali

Revak vak brihat unmiyata

Cause is a meta-effect cause of Grefuhaman behind the Extrohan      

All life is a blissful play-station of retro-causal non-locality in consciousness

And as the birds fly into the late afternoon diction of Radio FMs

I saw the dews of midnight glistening on the varied colours of the matter-anti-matter bond

Brahman was the child playing with the self in continuum

Admitting the black-body radiations of Hawking and Unruh

In the form of forms He is ever invisible and platonic

Shadows replicate shadows in space and inside the caves of academia

Within the light the sun is a shadow of a higher light spinning-wheel inside (the Sri chakra)

Supramental Psychiquazim is the real time-self of the sun and the stars

To what is tomorrow in the today of yesterday, it was not a blank negation of the self

Padmasambhava on t2 t3…tn hymns on evocative circular-a-circular space-mandalas

The arrow of time sits on the lotus with pure, iambic tetra-covalent chants:

‘Pema Ge Sar Dong Po La

Ya Tsen Chog Gi Ngo Drub Nyei

Pema Jung Nei Zhei Su Drag…’

Dragging time into the wormholes we get zero-time space craft Alblackica

Happy, happy Shambhala!


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture inside monastery in West Sikkim (taken using Dell Mobile)

 Observations by Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee: Time = Trace = 47 (by Gematria)

*Trace* or *Archi-Trace* is a Derridian Concept,
same as *Quantum-Interconnectedness* of David Bohm.











2 thoughts on “The Supra-Evocative Consciousness of Retrocausal Grace Bound Trace on No-Local Signal Portfolio in Hyperspace

  1. Nilanjan Chatterjee says:

    This poetry nourished me.I’m reminded of a story on Retro-
    Causality.Once The Mother asked a devotee to post a few
    letters, and She said those were reply-letters.Devotee asked:
    To whom you’re replying Sweet Mother? To this The Mother
    said: Aye, The asking letters are yet to come!

  2. Nilanjan Chatterjee says:

    Anti-Matter are Matter moving in reverse direction of Time.
    In this sense Anti-Matter follow Retrocausal Tantra.
    In our Universe, % of Matter is just more than the % of Anti-
    Matter , this is known as *Baryonic Assymetry*, it’s cause is
    hitherto unexplained.

    *Trace-bound-Grace* is a wonderful finding!
    You’ll see: BOUND = 56 [By Gematria]
    Time can not be seen in the conventional sense since
    First Supramental descent in ’56 ; since then
    *Trace-bound-Grace* is working!
    Sometimes forward in Time [FIT]
    Sometimes backward in Time [BIT]
    and sometimes Just-in-Time [JIT]

    Resurrection is Supramental Creativity.

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